Vanke Triple V Gallery – by the architectural studio of Ministry of Design (China)

Vanke Triple V Gallery – an unusual building by the architectural studio of Ministry of Design , we know your project monochrome black and white hotel . Conceived as a permanent gallery, showroom and tourist information center, a new object was an “icon” in the Gulf coastline Dong Jiang (China).      Despite the obvious sculptural, the new building is not devoid of functionality, since its DNA is developed rationally, with a careful analysis of the key contextual and policy options and goals.    As a result of work done by architects work, formed an impressive structure with three “floating edges”, which defined its shape.    Program building is divided into three main parts – a futuristic information center, gallery and a hall for press conferences.  All three elements that form the structure has its own independent entrance and entrance for cars. The show gallery and living room, where there have been discussions, provide excellent panoramic views of the coastline, and include the bar and recreation area.  Tectonically building, which radically changes its appearance depending on the angle of the viewer reacts to the coastal landscape and has a high meteochustvitelnost. The materials forming the structure – metal and wood. The interiors are decorated tree with mostly natural snow-white fragments of plaster walls and ceilings.

With the creativity of the authors of the project can be found by visiting the official website of the architectural studio with offices in Singapore and Beijing (China):

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