Designers Love Submissive on Valentine’s Day


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Even if someone decides to forget that next week we are waiting for Valentine’s Day , lots of windows decorated with hearts and love cards stands Well laid in stores will not do it. Love is in the air, filled her heart, it conquers all and everyone, so we have holiday survey design items on Valentine’s Day.

Breakfast with love

Breakfast in bed – is a logical part, romantic morning after a romantic evening for two. I bet many of your favorite lucky and fortunate to be waiting for a breakfast in the morning on February 15. And designers offer their vision of the romantic beginning of a new day.


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Dishes for lovers

Of course, to prepare a breakfast should be relevant and cutlery. And if there is a heart-ware in the kitchen almost every girl, the design bottles with stoppers for the traditional symbol of love, and as traditional blades to flip pancakes, not to mention the omelet Whisk or scoop, can become great symbolic gifts for the Day Valentine’s Day. Of course, if that girl loves to cook, and does not expect a gift ornament or a new mobile phone.


Spoons with hearts

Here is a set of silver spoons, in the style of Valentine’s Day, will enjoy even those who do not recognize this holiday. They are unobtrusive and “love” design is unlikely to offend the very best sense of the cynics and opponents of the “others” festivities.

Kettle with hearts

Extremely romantic tea will delight both romantically inclined young ladies and older women. Love submissive all ages, as is well known, and the same applies to tea, coffee and other hot drinks, water, which should be boiled in a kettle. But February 14 is to be kettle-style Valentine’s Day.

Waffle iron for hearts

A tea-drinking to a romantic – romantic wafers. In a hot, piping hot, hearts.

Gadgets from the Heart

For those who are indifferent to the wafers and tea drinking, the designers created a series of “heart” of gadgets. And a leading position in the series took, of course, mice and webcams that only some forms are not released.


Mittens for Lovers

Do not part with your beloved! Keep always in your hands! And if it’s cold, you ask? To a couple in love is not a frostbitten fingers, the designers have come up for them a special glove for two. Of course, it is made in the style of Valentine’s Day.

Interior for lovers

And finally – the most genuine romantic nest for lovers. Designers believe that it should look like the perfect interior in the style of Valentine’s Day.

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