uTree – Electrical trees to “Green” cities by designer Javier Perez de Arenaza


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Green areas in urban areas simply required. They provide shade, they produce oxygen and clean the air from dust and harmful substances. In the future the plant will produce electricity and even. An example of such trees with the name uTree showed the designer Javier Perez de Arenaza (Xabier Perez de Arenaza).    All in a modern city should be functional, everything should be perfect! Even the greenery! That they now stand, taking a fairly large areas, on city streets and squares. In the future, these plants will do very practical function of energy production.

 However, it will not be real trees and artificial. And, instead of leaves, they will be solar panels. So predicts in its concept uTree designer Javier Perez de Arenaza. Of course, such “plants” can not replace these trees – did they perform very different functions. But they can be installed wherever there is free space – in the squares, street corners, open areas.

 According to the calculations of the author of this concept, each tree can produce uTree 14 kilowatts of power per day and, consequently, 5 megawatts per year. If such “plants” in the city will, at least a couple hundred, at best – thousands, they will be a great help urban energy management.

 As suggested by Javier Perez de Arenaza, these devices will be used primarily for street lighting virtually free electricity. Even the uTree can serve as lights and traffic lights – it is enough to build the roads and install them on the LED elements. Received during the day using solar energy panels will be quite sufficient for this purpose. Excess electricity can also go into the city grid.

However, as we have seen, in the very very distant future, energy will be able to develop and present, living trees.

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