“Mobikoma” Tablet or phone? You decide !!


February 11, 2012MiscellaneousNo comments

In the past year, several leading manufacturers have created phones with screen sizes that they are fit to be called “tablet”. But the designer Camille Israel established the concept of a modular device Mobikoma , which the user himself can decide which gadget he needs at any given moment.    Take, for Lifebook, combining all of our gadgets or laptop for Maximalists Bento . But their creators offer combined into a single device, several certain. Another thing Mobikoma by Camille Izrailov!

 Said designer offers a concept called Mobikoma up of several gadgets are absolutely identical and mutually replaceable modules. Each of them will have a size 22 to 22 millimeters in length and width, and 6 millimeters in thickness. Attached to each other they will be using mikrozamkov.
In each of these modules, the device will Mobikoma own processor and power supply, which, working in conjunction with other elements will complement each other, to do more and more powerful device.

 The set of these modules will take a couple of unique elements, each of which has a slot for a SIM-card and flash drive memory. Also they will be receivers of wireless communication interfaces – Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. In addition, a set of Mobikoma module can be added to the camera.

 The smallest device Mobikoma may consist of two modules. In this case, its dimensions are 22 by 44 millimeters. For a normal smartphone will need 18 elements for the plate – more. The maximum size allowed by the device – 1.5 to 2 meters. Charge Mobikoma will need to contact. It’s enough to put a device on a special panel that generates electrical waves.

Mobikoma by Camille Izrailov – is a unique product that allows the user to design a device that he uses daily. And while he will be able to change it, depending on their current needs.

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