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The car broke down, the phone is dead, to the nearest village – a half hour of brisk walking … Perhaps this is a modern hell with all the abundance of advanced technologies. But it is necessary only once to be in this extreme situation, one day, to appreciate the design of mobile phone SpareOne Phone , which is not running on batteries, and the “finger” batteries size AA.

 The author of the amazing gadget was the company of the same name SpareOne. Its product designers presented in Las Vegas at the International CES 2012, positioning the device as the first in the world, which “feeds” the energy of one standard batteries Energizer Ultimate Lithium. However, one must assume that any other suitable battery of this sample.

   Simple in appearance, a revolutionary mobile phone SpareOne Phone is made on the basis of the know-how, proprietary technology, energy efficiency, through which the device battery life increases to 10 hours, and in the open position it is able to spend about 15 years, without losing charge. Who may need this feature of the phone, given that even the new model may become obsolete in less than two years, it is not clear, but agree that such a prospect looks very impressive.  

It is known that the original model SpareOne Phone will work within the GSM 850/1900 MHz and GSM 900/1800 MHz, and in emergency situations to find out the location of the device and its owner will be possible using Cell ID. Developers do not indicate the presence of the phone WiFi or Bluetooth, the ability to transfer MMS-messages and cards, and certainly it has no camera, no radio, no mp3-player. But in the woods or on the beach, the mountains or the countryside, where there is no outlet or charger on hand, such a phone and a couple of spare AA batteries, will be able to save someone life and health. More information about the project – on site.

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