“Fresh” flower decorations from the Limedrop on the floral theme


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Since time immemorial, women adorn themselves with flowers: weave them into braids or weave into a wreath, or simply attach a solitary seedlings gently behind the ear. Of course, fashion – fickle lady, but now a variation on the floral theme can be seen in the hair of modern women: mainly, the bride’s attire or as a modest bud at the hairpin. But the Australian company Limedrop offers luxurious jewelry to wear colors all the young ladies. Specially developed for this new line of unique accessories.        In fresh spring collection Limedrop, received the romantic name Calypso , you can find dresses subtle, delicate blouses and skirts (brand specializes primarily on the body) – in short everything to make the most feminine way. And in that case may be the best supplement and final chord than a garland of beautiful flowers? Let not the real thing. So reasoned the designers of the Limedrop and produced a line of accessories is really original.      The proposed “wreaths” have acquired a more modern form – hoops, hair adorned with chic compositions of ornamental flowers. It seems that the real job of the collection (and experienced) Florists: it was too successful out “bouquets.” Roses, orchids, lilies and orange tree flowers – all this splendor will enliven any image and make it a fair share of romance.    

And most importantly, giving the girl a bunch of (very expensive, it must be said), you can not worry about the fact that it ever will wither. Such beauty will please the eye and surrounding long time favorite.

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