Nike Air Jordan 2012 Deluxe: 6 in 1


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If most of the girls happy (and without much complaints from the conscience) will spend the lion’s share of the newly received scholarships or salaries for the beautiful shoes, the adherents of Snickers culture will not be able to pass tough shoes. For the shoes, too, there are such things as fashion and trends. And in a collection of sneaker connoisseur or just tsenitelnitsy find some branded couples. And among them will soon be able to be sure, and fresh catch Air Jordan.

   Air Jordan sneakers have conquered the world back in 1985th, when Nike presented their very first pair, designed specifically for basketball legend Michael Jordan (catch a connection to the name?). Jordan has long been making millions in retirement, that does not interfere with Nike regularly release new models every year. During his nearly twenty years, this line of shoes has gained millions of admirers among the athletes, the b-boys and b-girls, and just lovers of comfort and good sports brands.

 About a week ago Nike introduced his American admirers of the new year model 2012 Deluxe Air Jordan . The novelty differs from its predecessors fresh opportunity to “personalize” elaborate designer, one couple can be modified six different ways. Indeed, in the box with the desired shoe buyer will find also three interchangeable soles (or rather, three rubber “cover” for the sole) of different colors and with different surface. In addition, the kit includes two additional “sock” that will transform and the “interior” and “exterior” shoes almost beyond recognition.

   Six different pairs of shoes in one – sounds like a profitable business proposal. But to pay for the opportunity to boast of several Air Jordan-s just have not so little: According to preliminary information, the retail cost of new items from 180 to 223 U.S. dollars .


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