TANTO Bag Chair, the perfect place to read stories


February 13, 2012MiscellaneousNo comments

Chair-bags have become a favorite piece of furniture is not only children and young people, but middle-aged people. They comfortably dozing and reading, watching TV and playing with his grandchildren. What to play? The authors wonder -bag chairs TANTO called his creation an ideal place not only for reading, but also to create stories.

 TANTO bag chair not only looks like an elephant – it is the same giant, elephant-sized. Being 120 cm in diameter, elephant seat will comfortably accommodate not only the child but to settle with him for an adult. With the book, designer, or a bowl of popcorn, if on the agenda – a family movie theater at the TV screen.     TANTO bean bag, this Italian-made elephant, cute, not only externally but also internally. Thus, its interior is made of soft fabric that is easy to clean, is waterproof and resistant to sunlight. Therefore, in the summer can make a chair out and bask in the sun, lying on it as on a deck chair. Inner lining is made from 100% cotton, and filled the chair – made of foam polystyrene.


This will replace the child seat and furniture, toy, and certainly is a favorite pastime for home. But the price of this chair, toys can confuse some people, – the manufacturer calls the sum of 350 euros.

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