Motorcycle costume of Captain America “The First Avenger”


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Fans of comics in the U.S. – expanse. And a special conference to organize them, and dating sites, much as in the sale of goods with the symbols of your favorite cartoon characters – do not count. It is no accident in the United States, ranking the most popular costumes at Halloween for decades led the famous superhero attire. But the boom did not have to wait for All Saints’ Day, to feel yourself in the shoes of Superman and his ilk. It is always possible to find a T-shirt, pajamas , and now even the motorcycle suit , which copies the image of superhuman fiction.

   U.S. site UD Replicas , a well-known “labor” because gikam good choice for a comic cosplay costumes, recently blessed the fans of the character of the empire’s most popular Marvel Comics Captain America . Unexpected novelty was a leather motorcycle suit – an exact copy of the license (approved by the all-powerful Marvel) equipment, in which the muscular Chris Evans (actor, who plays Captain in the latest adaptation of the comic strip) dissected on the bike in the movie “The First Avenger” (” Captain America: The First Avenger “).

 Superhero costume is sewn to leather and painted in corporate colors of Captain America. The set includes jacket, pants, boots, gloves and belt, plus a removable “protection” for the back. And here is the famous shield with a star that fell and promotional photos, much to the chagrin of geeks have to buy separately.

    Complete outfitting of the famous America’s favorite, costing a penny more. And, more, more than one thousand American dollars . So that afford such a display of loyalty can only wealthy fans. Or just have a hobby.

Request motorcycle suit Captain, you can now. But here it will be delivered in late April – exactly to the premiere of another Superhero saga “The Avengers” ( “The Avengers” ). Well, Marvel always knew a lot about promotion.

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