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VW Transporter – this car is a legend! There was a time when these small vans lived thousands of people around the world – fans of free travel and lifestyle. But the company Overlander Motorhomes, thanks to the device DoubleBack , makes this car at the motor home.

   Modern designers have come up with many ways to increase the size of machines, depending on the needs of their respective owners. As examples backed up the car Hiriko Citycar EV or electric trailer Dock + Go . Coming soon to expand and the legendary vehicle VW Transporter. The design created with the name DoubleBack Wales company Overlander Motorhomes, whose engineers have decided that even such a volume as the vehicle VW Transporter should be able to grow in size. After all, so it can turn into a full house on wheels.

DoubleBack is a structure that can move out of the back of the VW Transporter. This will increase the internal space of a van nearly doubled. As a result, the inside of your vehicle will stay and a bed, and kitchen with dining area, and a wardrobe.Moreover, the roof over the “common room” can be lifted up, to be able to stand inside. Front seats VW Transporter also can be deployed in the direction of living space.

 DoubleBack able to withstand the weight of 600 pounds, so that even the most obese people should not be afraid to be in this part of the car VW Transporter. In the folded state of a sliding unit is only slightly, almost imperceptibly reduces the internal space of a van.

 “Unpacking” DoubleBack takes only 45 seconds. Moreover, it is possible to make, and while in motion.

Should VW Transporter, equipped with DoubleBack, 87,000 U.S. dollars. And it’s less than even the smallest new home on wheels.

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  1. Lynda says:

    Is this vehicle available in the US? All I was able to find was super expensive, customized trucks.

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