“Print” Stylish footwear feminine shape from Hong Chang Shoes


February 13, 2012MiscellaneousNo comments

With the transition to the new millennium with 3D-printing is increasingly gaining a place in the market. And for the last couple of years from the scope of engineering prototyping and industrial design is slowly but surely migrate in a fashion “production”. Date, although still not as widespread tendency embodied in his debut collection of designer shoes Chang Hoon (Hoon Chung).    Hong Chang finishes training at the London College of Fashion. Probably for high academic achievement College provided the designer can use to create a “student’s” collection technique require expensive 3D-printing. In the end, was designed and “printed” more than a dozen models of stylish footwear feminine shapes.    The high platform, high heels no less, pastel shades and cuts – shoes, “printed” on the 3D-printer that looks stylish, but visually different from its more traditional counterparts. Materials used in creating the collection – plastic, rubber and polyurethane.      

So far, every pair of shoes from Hong Chang made in a single copy, and serves as an exhibition model. But if the idea of ​​going to the masses, then “printed” shoes, boots and sandals will probably find its buyers among London fans of techno-fashion.

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