“Staircase” Incredibly Charming and Magnetic Bookstore, Bratislava (Slovakia)

As a small Bratislava, and in general, any bookstore to compete in a huge network of their “clones” with a similar range of entirely? What is this institution has to offer intelligent, subdued, intrigued and drawing attention to its standing and potential visitors?

   This small, but incredibly charming and magnetic bookstore, located in Bratislava (Slovakia), formed vokruk wooden staircase, which allows you to double the area of ​​informal audience.

 In the daytime, these short wooden steps provide a place for those who like to browse books in the store. During the conferences and cultural events stage can be filled with rows of spectators.

 Designed by the architects of the young Slovakian studio Plural in 2010, the bookstore provides a comfortable, even a cafe where you can meet, socialize and relax, enjoying the pleasant aura, and energy created by the books of their content.

 This flexible space not only offers and sells books, but also intended to be a small cultural center of the city, where they will undergo a variety of activities, not excluding even music concerts. Two focal areas bookstore located at opposite ends of the longitudinal space. Both levels associated with cascades, which serve as the audience during the events and allow customers to sit, read, relax or socialize, without intruding into the personal space of each other.

Books are stored in long shelves on both sides of the stairs. This interior composition produces democratic, but rather a monumental effect. New titles and bestsellers available in several mobile “wheel” stands. The constant part of the program area, an area of 170 square meters – the storage, offices and toilet – are under the gallery and are available through the stairs, passing along the cascades of wooden steps and a cafe. with the work of the authors of the project can be found by visiting the official of the architectural studio. http://www.plural.sk/sk

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