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Many people like to go barefoot – leg feels looser, gets more tactile sensations. That’s just not in all cases, you can get life without shoes. But now you can try to do, because the market appeared wearing Swiss Protection Socks !

   Several months ago we were talking about a very original socks Stance , designed for athletes and other people who lead an active lifestyle. Today we continue this theme. Meet – socks Swiss Protection Socks, who will save us from having to wear shoes at all!

 Swiss Protection Socks Socks made in Switzerland, its glorious tradition of the armory. Here are the materials of the army, and made this amazing piece of clothing. If their production is used 50 percent Kevlar (the one in the modern body armor), 32 percent polyester, 10 percent cotton and 8 percent of polyurethane fibers. This combination allows them to be both strong, soft and light.

 Therefore, Swiss Protection Socks should rather appeal to those who lead an active lifestyle – a lot of traveling, walking, running, cross country moves. The rough surface of these socks will even climbing – the legs will not slip off the rocks.

In this Swiss Protection Socks will reliably protect the human foot from cuts, punctures, bruises and other injuries, putting out most of the external influences. And all this with comfort, similar to when you step barefoot in the world!

In addition, Swiss Protection Socks can work more leg muscles to be very relevant for athletes. So, it is possible in the near future their use will be virtually mandatory in the world of professional sports. Swiss Protection Socks Socks short the golf are 55 euros, with long – 78.

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