“Solid” collar for stylish pets by Jeannine Giordano


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A dog – man’s best friend. And the good master could treat your pet as it should be friends, even to arrange his “partying” on the occasion of birthdays. And, of course, to give gifts. Some gentlemen are willing to spend fortunes on clothes and other surprises for furry pets. But if you ever want to please chetveronogo, and along with a cheer up, giving Bobik very much “official” view, you can do and economical solution – to buy (or make your own) the original collar tie- Thwap.

       The idea of creative tinkering collars for dogs visited a resident of San Francisco Jeannine Giordano (Jeannine GIORDAN) .The first test subject was her own dog. Serious explicitly tie the beast came to taste, and Jeannine decided to put it on stream. Thus was created an online store Thwap, where all the dog lovers can buy a stylish accessory for your pets.

     Each collar is handcrafted from an old silk tie, the original colors. Since the original “raw” – exclusive (found at a flea market or with friends), it is unlikely that you look for in the shop are two very similar products. Tie vystiryvaetsya, alter, add to it a standard zip-rifle – and the “front” the collar is ready. Suitable not only for special occasions, but for everyday walking.


Collar-tie is available in two styles: the “classical” and delicate button at (also vintage). Length of accessory – 13-17 inches.Price for the Americans more than reasonable – $ 28. But with a strong desire and anatomically correctly located the hands, can produce a creative design, and at home.

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