“Kastryulnye Men” Lid Sid from designer Luka Or


February 14, 2012MiscellaneousNo comments

For modern housewives with designers in the arsenal there are lots of cool gadgets that diversify the work in the kitchen and help make the process more fun cooking. Adjusting Lid Sid from designer Luka Or will be useful for adults and young mistresses, when they gather to cook soup or porridge.  Lid Sid is a small silicone creatures, which are needed in the case where a pot lid must be closed but not tightly, and left between the lid and rim a small gap. Typically, the hostess simply shift the lid, or propped up her spoon, but there is always a danger that the cover slip. “Kastryulnye Men” Lid Sid ready to stop it.


Red or white man his little body will hold the silicone cover, as if one of the Atlanteans, who holds the sky on his shoulders.For variety, you can expand your baby’s head or feet outside, and then hung on a side of two “brothers”, giving them a different posture. Perhaps these props and not very useful, but definitely fun. They were created for the company Monkeybusiness, and cost about $ 16 per pair.

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