Ceramic bone Carne Vale in the soup


February 14, 2012MiscellaneousNo comments

Remember, as a gallant soldier greedy old woman taught to cook kasha from an ax? Ponavaristee, thicker, and butter so the salt! A Japanese designer Nami Mizuguchi has to cook the soup … ceramic stone. This strange thing called Carne Vale and was represented in the exhibition Comicalu, a variety of items from manga comics.

 Ceramic bone Carne Vale in the economy is unlikely to want – a necessary device for the kitchen of her call unless the child or dog home. But for the hostess with a sense of humor Carne Vale is useful, or to entertain guests and members of the household, or else to create culinary delights, such as the nostalgic meat on the bone, or originally issued kebab. True, this may take a few bones.

Ceramic bone is not afraid of a microwave oven, and it can be cleaned in the dishwasher and, of course, with his hands. By and large, this device – a useless toy, but a funny and original, and a sense of humor is a designer – a huge plus.

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