Village Rental – A new Concept


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Thank God, the Middle Ages long past, are gone feudalism and serfdom. So there are these people who own entire towns. However, in Europe recently, a new travel option – Rent a Village , which allows to remove rent the whole village !    Now you can rent a bicycle, car, boat, apartment, house or even a whole island . But the company is located in Liechtenstein Rent a Village offers to rent an entire village, with all its infrastructure and people. Of course, these people, their homes, shops, restaurants and other facilities do not become the personal property of the tenant. It will only be set in which customers will be able to get the most pleasure and excitement in those days that they “withdraw” the settlement.

 At this time, the villagers will arrange for guests to the festival of folk music, dancing and local cuisine. They will communicate with the great pleasure of visiting people who invited them to visit, drink your wine or brandy, will talk about life.

 The streets of the village and most of the objects in her client will be able to call on your own, in honor of himself, his relatives, friends and pets. You can even set his statue in the central square of the village.

 The cost of this holiday is 60 thousand dollars per day. Rent a Village Company focuses primarily on corporate clients, major companies that have such an unusual way to decide to hold a conference, seminar, corporate Christmas (although during the holidays the rental price increases).

Rent a Village offers a choice of ten small settlements located in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic.Services of this company have already benefited from such giants as AEG, Hyundai, Siemens.

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