Romantic Dreamy Pillow Cases by designer Andrew Dryden


February 15, 2012MiscellaneousNo comments

Some past Valentine’s Day brought a lot of positive emotions, kisses and gifts, someone was disappointed and sad, but in my head, and those in other similar thoughts: the love of mutual and comprehensive. In this dreamy mood certainly stayed and designer Andrew Dryden, created for the company’s Sensitive Boyfriend set of two pillowcases Romantic Dreamy Pillow Cases.

 It would seem, is nothing special, because these pictures of clouds, thoughts, have peeped animators, designers have long exploited for its own purposes, decorating their clothing, household items and accessories, but it still looks very nice. Especially if you thought – tender and touching.


He dreams about her, she dreams about him … Maybe he is dreaming about him, and she – of her. Who would have dreamed we do not, outsiders do not see a loved one would be nice to not only know but also to see that “only thoughts are about him and about him.” Having laid his head on the pillow, and sitting next to the dear man is immediately clear that at this moment going on in my head. And that no one was hurt from time to time, you can change pillows.
And there is this simple but very cute and funny series of Sensitive Boyfriend pillow cases $ 50 per set.

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