Leaf Lamp, Floor Lamp designed by Sofian Tallal


February 15, 2012MiscellaneousNo comments

Nature – a talented painter and sculptor. Natural, miraculous masterpieces are always perfect and worthy of admiration. Impressed by the beauty of nature, or rather, its delightful flora, designer Sofian Tallal and created an elegant floor lamp Leaf Lamp.

 Tall plants with large leaves, emitting light, these lamps are not only exotic and unknown to gardeners, but also conceptual.As long as they exist only in the imagination of the author and his renderings. Although it is recognized that the project looks promising and Leaf Lamp quite alive.

   For example, a floor lamp Leaf Lamp does not work on solar cells, as it is now fashionable, and is powered from the mains.The leaves are large and small, thanks to LEDs are lit. Large leaves are stronger and brighter, to replace a table lamp for reading, and small – instead of a lamp. By the way, they can turn the handle on its axis and serve as point sources of light, if necessary. As a decorative lighting, or interior element Leaf Lamp is also amiss.


We also know that the author has designed and small wall sconces in the form of the same plants. More information about the project can be found at (www.sofiantallal.com ) Sofian Tallal .

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