Urban Cabin – Vacation home, based on reconstructed pictures Tarsila do Amaral

During the reconstruction of old and abandoned house had previous owners used the modified methods of construction and unconventional sources of inspiration. The authors of the draft of a new dwelling under the somewhat paradoxical title Urban Cabin – Portuguese architectural studio Fabio Galeazzo.

   The existing structure could not longer handle the load, and therefore has been strengthened in various ways – from columns to support the scope and scale of natural stems of the giant bvmbuka.

 As a floor covering was used by a certified forest and exotic elements of brown granite, which were decorated with some fragments of walls and ceilings.

 In order to preserve the identity of the forest country of the home and provide home among the dense vegetation, interior and exterior walls were in a literal sense, reincarnated in contemporary art.

 Promptness irregular, asymmetrical shapes and different colors have been created under the influence of the work of Portuguese artist Tarsily Amaral (Tarsila do Amaral) – one of the main figures of Brazilian modernism.

 This amazing house is formed in such a way that allows for multiple combinations of internal and external areas of how visual interest as well as functional value.

 Inside, in order to improve the aesthetics of space and establish a visual connection between the inner and outer regions, was formed by a circular shelf, circumference of the window framing. This spectacular structure is well Crop pulp surrounding landscape, making it a part of the interior.

 Visual harmony of the forest dominants beautiful home also became a giant bed in the form of nests, «Chifruda» – a chair designed by Sergio Rodriguez (Sergio Rodrigues), a dining table, “2 in 1” from the brothers Campana (Campana brothers) and comfortable Scandinavian furniture, which is ideally suitable for modern country music.

   Urban Cabin is a modern version of easy suburban housing, which returns the idea of ​​a common living space, an appropriate design of new generation technologies, involving “forever young and fresh” way of life.


With the creativity of the authors of the project can be found by visiting the official website of the architectural studio http://www.fabiogaleazzo.com.br

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