LEGO Office – The new headquarters of the LEGO Company, Billund (Denmark)

LEGO Office – the new headquarters of the company LEGO, based in Billund (Denmark), is designed to be an ideal place to mobilize and develop the creative energy of employees. Designer Rosan Bosch filled creative office space with an open plan cheerful color combinations and original functional solutions.

     This flooded with natural sunlight Wednesday aims to be a place where people openly and creatively interact with each other, and innovative ideas are born just “out of thin air.”

   Informal meetings and discussions of projects, according to the company’s management of the customer, are the most productive working environment, generating new ideas and relationships, both within the team, and going beyond it.

   Kaleidoscope of exotic plants, non-trivial recreation and socializing, work and conduct press conferences, as well as the mix of many kinds of products will undoubtedly contribute to the development and image of the world famous company.

   Along the perimeter of the informal open space office tucked away, but that will certainly draw attention to themselves, shop with goods produced by the company in order to inspire creative minds to new and more imaginative innovation.

   Humor and self-irony make room headquarters of even more creative and memorable to any visitor crossed the threshold of welcoming office, developing imagination and breaking the stereotyped ideas about the organization of the traditional and conservative Botley equipped headquarters.


With the creativity of the authors of the project can be found by visiting the official website of the architectural studio

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