Vomit Comet – Roller coaster in the weightlessness of the attraction


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To go to a state of weightlessness now have a chance to either professional astronauts, or rich people who can not afford to become space tourists, or go sailing on a special plane. However, in the near future, this experience becomes available, and ordinary people. And all thanks to the Vomit Comet attraction !

   While the company Virgin Galactic develops and implements a project to launch space tourists into suborbital flights for relatively little money, a California firm BRC Imagination Arts has created the concept of a very unusual attraction to amusement parks. Installation of this, on the idea of the creators, should provide a wide range of people the opportunity to be in zero gravity.

 Indeed, many dreamed of becoming astronauts, but only a few could really fly into space. But with the help of the attraction Vomit Comet survive the experience will be able to take off on a rocket thousands of people.
Vomit Comet is something like a roller coaster. Here are just in it instead of wagons will be used by aircraft KC-135A, which NASA prepares astronauts for future flights. However, without wings. First, this module will accelerate to a speed of 160 kilometers per hour, leaving at the same ascending upwards. But people inside will feel overloaded 2G. And almost immediately after reaching the top, the plane begins to descend. That’s due to this drop in and he will be achieved mikronevesomost lasting 8-10 seconds.

Passengers at the entrance to the attraction Vomit Comet will be issued to various small things like tennis balls, and pitches them to see firsthand the presence of the state of weightlessness inside the module. According to the calculations of BRC Imagination Arts, the cost of creating such an attraction will be 40-60 million dollars. However, it will quickly okuplena because weightlessness – is a unique condition, which can not be achieved in other ways. Therefore, we can expect future hype around the Vomit Comet. In addition, this attraction will be to lease NASA and scientists. Because the cost of flights on KC-135A is far higher than the operating Vomit Comet.

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