U-Wall Lizard – A Machine Inspired by Reptiles


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Modern SUVs, despite its large size, it is still often have insurmountable problems when driving on rough terrain. But maybe in the future there will be cars that even the most difficult terrain and weather conditions will not care! For example, U-Wall Lizard – a machine inspired by reptiles.

   The concept car U-Wall Lizard, created by designer Zhi Min Lin, is an understanding that the future of the road does not have to be flat and smooth, they may not become two dimensional and three-dimensional. However, for these paths are needed, and special vehicles. That U-Wall Lizard – it is just such a concept car of the future.

 Zhi Min Lin acknowledged that looks and unique features car U-Wall Lizard inspired by reptiles. No, this machine will not be covered with scales, like BMW Lovos . But instead of the normal axis of the wheels on it there are four “legs”, each of which has a sufficient degree of mobility and can move independently of the others. Coordination is to be carried out by computer.

 Created this in order to make the car U-Wall Lizard could not just ride on flat roads, but also for curved spaces and narrow streets. Wheels in the latter case will call in to the wall, which further brings the car with those kinds of reptiles and amphibians, which can move in a vertical space with suckers on the feet.

 The wheels also have U-Wall Lizard can be either solid round and segmented (ie, split into pieces to replicate the claws). This will allow the car did not slip even on the loose and shifting surfaces.

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