Clothing, for provocative arms by New York designer Stanley Drew


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Our lives are filled with stress. Troubles at work, financial problems or health problems are often brought people to the boiling point, causing it to vent your righteous anger at those who did not deserve this. And most of all on the line of fire fall favorite. Hence – the anger, quarrels, and, unfortunately, the parting. In order to remind people that the affection and support of dear one – here is the best way to deal with any setbacks, a New York designer Stanley Drew (Drew Stanley) made ​​clothes, calling for a tender embrace.

   The idea is simple and conceptual: in constant motion, and career race, we often forget to do simple but important courtesies such as hug a loved one. Just like that, no reason. But the sweaters and shirts from Drew Stanley naveyut necessarily thought about it a pleasant experience, as if inviting touch.

 Drew recommends that couples who love to try the same pair of little things “to embrace.” The first concept is a two sweaters with pockets in unusual places: in the female model – on the shoulders and back, just below the waist on a man – in the forearm and under the shoulder blades. Pockets are located in strategically important areas for the arms, literally provoking tactile contact.

 Well, the concept of number two calls for even closer contact. Drew has designed a couple shirts with patterned perforations on the back and chest. Purpose – to stimulate sensation when touched and slowly stir up the fire of passion in the same embrace.


A desire to strengthen (or rather, need) to touch your partner, even a designer label on clothes is not placed on the wrong side, and outside, careful to half fill it always stretched.

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