Fruitaway – “health fruit bar” for positive clients in Spain


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Design bar Fruitaway was designed by renowned industrial designer in Spain Alexander Catala of Alxstudio , in conjunction with the Sarah Gomez and Carmen Moreno.

     An unusual institution opened four businesses and is designed to supply a large range of exquisite variety of juices and mixes, as well as selling fruit on the stem for the most discerning consumers.

 Made from 100% natural raw materials, more than 30 varieties of scoops, shakes and cocktails are served at times in unexpected and exotic combinations – with milk, chocolate, cream and even yogurt!

 Of course, besides juice, Fruitaway offers visitors a variety of gourmet-desserts – white or dark chocolate, tiramisu, muesli, Greek yoghurt and a host of other sweets.

 Presented at the Diario Design, a unique bar was opened in December of 2011 and has since enjoyed great popularity among the inhabitants of the Spanish city and its visitors. The new concept of “health bar” combines playful and bright blue sky and, of course, juicy orange shades with unusual furnishings and clean, dazzling white background.

   The sign, which perfectly complements the overall concept of institutions designed to bring in his possession a positive and enjoyable clients, leading a healthy lifestyle.


With the creativity of the authors of the project can be found by visiting the official website of the architectural studio

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