An Innovative approach to Organize Pills that it was comfortable, and stylish way by Celine Forestier


February 17, 2012MiscellaneousNo comments

No one younger, and this means that over time the number of pills taken daily will increase. Designer Celine Forestier of France came up with a way to organize pills that it was comfortable, and stylish. Her discovery – a stylish minimalist design boxes for tablets in the form of rock garden.

 Seven faceted “stones” on a wooden stand – the same medicine from the rock garden Celine Forestier, one for each day.Inside the stones – four compartments for medication. Moreover, each marked with a certain color, which means the brightest morning pills, and the darkest – tablets at night. There certainly will not get lost.


Thanks to the stylish, futuristic look and minimalist design, the boxes for medicines will look good on the desktop or coffee table – as an element of decoration, interior decoration. And the decoration, which is equally suited for both office and home.So far, the “rock garden” by Celine Forestier – a concept, but promising.

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