Courtesy Stool, chair in the hourglass designer from Taiwan


February 17, 2012MiscellaneousNo comments

The stool on which to sit, “shifts” – such an unusual piece of furniture designer came up with Cheryl Pei Ning Yang from Taiwan. Strange is the seat Courtesy Stool and looks like a completely transparent hourglass, in which the capacity of the tank is really pouring sand.

 The idea of ​​unusual furniture designer explains: in the modern world, where the winners are usually selfish and crafty people have lost their courtesy and good manners. In transport, the place is rarely concede the elderly and passengers with small children, not to mention the fact to help a woman with heavy bags or help a disabled person to climb the stairs. Courtesy Stool, whose name sounds like “Dear stool,” was created just for the fact that most of these good manners recall.


Thus, it is expected that the transparent plastic chairs a la the “hourglass” will be installed in public places like libraries, waiting rooms of hospitals and clinics, emergency rooms and other such institutions, which usually comes a lot of people of all ages.Chairs are not enough, and sit on them can be by turns, with each set aside to rest as much time as pouring sand inside Courtesy Stool. This idea is equally curious, how many and strange, and in our area, it clearly does not take root. Well, who would agree to sit on chairs in a queue when the rule is “who is first come, sneaker” for a long time and successfully operates in the former Soviet Union?

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