Crescasa Houseboat – Floating home for the future Nomads


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In some European and U.S. cities such as London, Amsterdam, San Francisco, there are entire communities of people living on the water and having the ability to almost every day to move from place to place. In the future, there may be a lot more. Here’s to them and created the concept of floating houses Crescasa Houseboat.

   More and more of today’s designers created the concepts of floating homes to meet the needs of people from the near future. As an example we can mention the names of the projects Amphibious Sealander , No Land in Sight and Thansadet . I decided to try their hand in this endeavor and designer Tom Pierce (Tom Pearce).

 Pierce convinced that every year more and more people will not live in traditional land-based homes and apartments, and on the water, floating homes, which can move from place to place. For these nomads of the future he created the house Crescasa Houseboat, more accurately, while his concept.

 Crescasa Houseboat is a small house that can float and move through it thanks to the motor. He built from bamboo, hemp, and composite materials that make it both easy and sustainable.

 The rear platform is designed as an extensible Crescasa Houseboat. It can be used to create a solid open space for recreation or work. For example, it can be turned into a garden to grow their own eco-friendly foods. Waste from the same production can be converted into biofuel to run the engine and provide electricity to the house.

This floating house has also two bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom. According to the idea of Tom Pearce, a couple of decades, many people will live in Crescasa Houseboat and similar buildings. These aquatic nomads can create their own community to coordinate the actions of living together, solving all sorts of questions and just travel. Community These are the most mobile, dynamic and democratic.

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