AQUA TEK S – Amazing Case for iPhone


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iPhone – is one of the most versatile of our mobile phones, providing users with endless possibilities. A AQUA TEK S – this, in turn, is the universal cover for the iPhone.

   If the first time the existence of the iPhone to it created a lot of fun, unusual design in terms of covers, the current attire for this phone stand out for their functionality. As an example, cover with a set of lenses for cameras Lens Dial Case or bag with the projector and battery Monolith iPhone Case.

 But the company decided to use Kickstarter in a cover-tech ideas from other manufacturers odezhek for the iPhone. In AQUA TEK S, it combines several advanced features for mobile phones. For example, AQUA TEK S Case is waterproof, making it ideal for people who live in humid climates, or leading an active lifestyle is associated with the threat of getting a mobile phone in the water. It is like rafters, fans of extreme events, the travelers.  In addition, AQUA TEK S has built in his back part of the solar battery that will recharge your mobile phone power, even in the most remote from the sockets and electric field.
However, in the case AQUA TEK S is built and an additional battery, which will allow the phone to work without extra charge at least twice as long.

The very case is made of durable polycarbonate with rubber inserts for added protection. In the end, thanks to AQUA TEK S, iPhone turns into a real all-terrain vehicle, unless, of course, the word can be applied to a mobile phone. The smartphone is the most secure and independent. That’s just money to the account of this case will not be able to put.

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