Designer gizmos Shop bag … (Or not) – a large, but very Compact bag for Everything


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During the normal average day can be a lot of situations in which a great big roomy bag handy: for example, going right after work to shop for new clothes and (or) product, or workout in the gym. But the huge “trunk” is not always appropriate and in style, and dress code, and for convenience, too. In this case, a good solution would be a small eco-bag , neatly concealed in one of the pockets, or more than the volume “sister” – designer gizmos Shop bag … (Or not) , which is able to well, very compact shape.

   The Portuguese design group UPA Project has adopted the idea is already familiar eco-bags, which can easily take with you in case of planned or spontaneous shopping. But only expanded it (the idea) in all respects, making a much more spacious. Shop Bag … (Or not) is made ​​of durable fabric and easily hold all your stuff.

   But, best of all, this roomy bag (key parameters: height – 62 cm, width – 32) easily folds into a special little bag, the size of no more than an ordinary CD. This “principle of the parachute,” was reflected in the appearance Shop bag … (Or not), adding to it an interesting piece in the form of an unusual bottom.


Spacious designer bags for everyday needs can be purchased at your store UPA Project on . But just at this point, you are unlikely to find at least one – all instances Shop bag … (Or not) have been successfully sold.

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