“Warm” rings for geeks and “techies” by That Kedmi Hanan


February 18, 2012MiscellaneousNo comments

You never know for sure when the head comes an interesting idea. Inspiration can catch in any occupation, even the most trivial. For example, during a routine surf the Internet: simply sitting in front of the computer and listening to the sounds of the cooler is possible to “compose” design of unusual jewelery. As it happened with Kedmi Hanan. 

   Then, they are creative people to come up with something unusual. That Kedmi Hanan, finishing studies at the Israeli College of Design Shenkar, as a thesis, decided to prepare a collection of original rings from old computer parts. Especially liked the girl to make up an aluminum radiator, which was once part of the cooling system of your computer.    The idea was born. It only remained to find a way to seal pooriginalnee parts together. And then Kedmi remembered mat , felting from which she was fascinated recently. Connection of cold metal and warm wool designer seemed so interesting that Hanan immediately set to work.      In a short time Kedmi Hanan produced so little collection of bright and warm, “Computer-felt” rings. She received the laconic name Felt Follows Form. But how much cooling systems “were killed” in the name of one research paper, Kedmi in his annotations to the draft modestly silent.


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