Telephone booths are transformed into the library by Designer John Locke


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The rapid development of mobile networks and technologies has led to a minimum the need for analog, wired connection. In this connection the question arises of what to do with the old infrastructure, for example, the phone booths on city streets. Designer John Locke has to turn them into street Phoneboox library.

   As an illustration the correctness of his reasoning, John Locke offers infographics, which shows that in New York City reported 17 million mobile phone numbers, and telephone 13,659 street machines. It is clear that analog communications goes to non-existence, is now seen as a throwback to the twentieth century. So why not turn existing phone booths in the street the library?

 So thought John Locke and created a concept called Phoneboox. According to this idea, in order to make the phone a little street machine in a library, you just stick in a wooden rack. For a start it can be filled with books purchased. In future operation of the library will be carried out by the inhabitants of the city. Phoneboox will be a place where they can borrow books, to bring back their own, change their volumes of those that are out there.

 That is, it will be a center of social life bibliophiles. There you will take a book to read it on the way to work or home, and leave it already in the booth, the library, which is on a different bus stop (on the same system are rented bicycles on the streets of Paris, London or Copenhagen ). As an experiment, John Locke turned into a library of more than one phone machine in Manhattan. If the experiment succeeds, in Phoneboox converted hundreds of other booths all over New York.

John Locke’s initiative to transform its moribund telephone machines in the library, on the one hand, it seems quite correct and promising, on the other hand, do not forget that paper books themselves are also transformed into atavism. And, quite possibly, their existence in a few years will look as anachronistic as phone and street machines.

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