Toddland : The Most Delicious Wallets in the World


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Student years – it often, years of famine. A young body is still growing in the fridge more often empty, and mom is out of dozens (hundreds, thousands) of kilometers. So the vapor is not often think about the subject of the lecture, but about something more tasty (Maslow pyramid of needs has not been canceled). If you think about the number of students who were fortunate enough to study away from home and live in the dorm, then you’d better just shut this stuff. And certainly not to buy a tasty new company Toddland . Although, to whom, if not creative young people to show off these colorful purses?

     The American company Toddland , which began with “home” of the enterprise, based a few friends, famous for its original and with a fair amount of humor wallets. Recently, I saw the light of their new collection. Its main theme was the “traditional” (humor) is an American kitchen. So every accessory has received appetizing appearance, imitating a delicious hot dogs, waffles, french fries and other burgers.

   In a small preview to the purse-creators of the Toddland cheeseburger with characteristic of “serious” claim that the accessory will help them carry out a devious plan: “You buy a wallet. You forget that this is a purse and eat it. Then buy a new one, forget, eat again, and so on up until Catalina Island (“Blue Lagoon”) is not renamed Satoddlina because we buy in “burgernye” money. ”

 This plan sounds plausible. As well as look own wallets. Biscuits and sweets are made of vinyl with photo prints, and look appetizing on the volume, because of their individual parts are filled with foam. But they are easily and without the slightest harm “flattened” as soon as you decide to put a sandwich with the money in his pocket.      The interior of the same mouth-watering purses are not distracting from the overall style: for example, the “innards” of vinyl wafers decorated with fruit prints (the jam is not?), And the aforementioned cheeseburgers – photographic images of this cutlets. So salivation provided, which side do not look.

   Inside each purse from the “delicious” collection you can find a couple of funny parts, like a certificate of “fucking” and a small sticker with the gentlemen’s mustache. Latest offers stick on transparent pocket for documents, exactly at the place where you show off your photos.


Best of all, the cost of new items will not exceed $ 24 . So it will definitely be affordable for any student.

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