The ultra-modern multi-industry project design road-building complex in Monterrey (Mexico)

The unique multi-industry project to Monterrey (Mexico) has developed an American architectural studio Brooks + Scarpa . Despite the visual lightness of the structure, 55,000 square feet are placed in his offices, laboratories and other research and production space of the heavy automotive industry.

 15,000 square feet include a 5500 square office space and 11,000 square research laboratories for testing and prototyping of future technology. The second part of the building, covering an area of ​​5500 square meters, is also partially shared by the office space, research laboratories and warehouses.

   As a rule, industrial buildings of this type are quite rational in nature, devoid of aesthetics and subject to its intended functional purpose. Buildings of this type are not intended to take care of the psychological and aesthetic needs of their inhabitants. At this time, the management company and the sponsors have chosen to not only improve operational efficiency, but also the aesthetic aspirations of the developing company’s compliance.

 The project was to preserve the integrity of the object functions for industrial use, a prisoner in a non-trivial architectural form, which, however, should not divert the viewer from the direct production associations. Zig-zag roof rests on the familiar geometry of the traditional factory premises and at the same time, mimics the mountains surrounding Monterey. Angular elements of the roof are also seeking to provide ample natural lighting in the rooms – especially those that are lower on the north side of the building.
Thus, the architecture of an object provides a close link between the stringent requirements of the production program and the characteristics of the surrounding landscape, both literally and figuratively . Another important feature of the design of the building is perforated metal, which is decorated with the entire facade of the object. This solution provides a unique play of light and shade and privacy of the processes taking place within the industrial facility in need of it. However, the design of the structure retains its strong mutual relationship with the outside world.

Every one of the creators of the selected project strategies and materials that exploit the potential performance of the object and its sensitivity to the surrounding reality, when the fullness of interesting sensory and aesthetic experience. The main entrance to the building is located on the northwest corner, under the console volume. It is surrounded by green gardens, located on the north side, which is a natural buffer, gently connectors at the industrial zone to the wetland landscape. Large-scale industrial doors at the entrance to the main public space opens directly into the garden on the street.with the work of the authors of the project can be found by visiting the official website of the architectural studio, headquartered in California (USA):

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