Fat Mona and Little Mona : Table and Floor lamps made ​​from Plumbing Pipes by Kozo


February 20, 2012MiscellaneousNo comments

Industrial design company Kozo we already know for its amazing lights “from the plumbing.” Keep this collection as the original Fat Mona , and Mona Little , table and floor lamps made ​​from plumbing pipes.

 Innovative lighting does look as if they had just brought from the shop “World of plumbers,” except that adorned the lovely shade of bright color fabrics. Bent water pipes made of galvanized iron form the so-called “base” – the leg lamp, a tap to turn on and off the light.

     Fat Mona, a lamp, which more and taller, and Little Mona, respectively, which is lower and smaller. They can be used in the original decoration, interior decoration, and a normal, functional night light. It is unlikely that the power light will be enough to fully replace a table lamp for work and reading, but because the bulbs fit all here, you can try.


Thanks to the removable shade, both light will blend in perfectly with the rest of the interior. At the cost of the manufacturer’s website Fat Mona is $ 814, and Little Mona is estimated at $ 398.

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