Children Entertaining Transportation plates by Bohuslav Slivinskaya (Boguslaw Sliwinski)


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Polish designer of Bohuslav Slivinskii (Boguslaw Sliwinski) invented for children who eat badly, a series of fun-painted dishes on cars and other vehicles. Ceramic plates are called Transportation plates and are classified as game: to eat, they must first download and then unload.

 For many parents, the problem of how to feed a child is so painful that they have to throw a coin to determine who is at this time trying to feed porridge or soup a little vredine. Then, in the course are stories and songs, arrangements of “a mother, a grandmother, a teddy bear” and other little secrets that are sure to have every family where the baby grows. In the studio, Boguslaw Sliwinski came to the conclusion that if a child can not be persuaded to eat, you need to “play.” Why release a series of ceramic plates gaming Transportation plates with drawings on the theme of transport.

     Despite the fact that the plates intended rather serious size, 25 cm in diameter, if you follow the rules of the game in the road transport, the food will fit into it is not so much. Consequently, they are not intended for routine breakfast, lunch or dinner, and for light snack or lunch. A child may like to “unload” to his mouth with berries truck or trailer with a light salad.This means that parents breathe easy – the problem how to feed a naughty child decided itself.


By the way, except for transport trays Transportation plates with Bohuslav Slivinskaya there is another game dishes. For example, plates, where the food should be spread in the form of unusual hairstyles. All this can be seen on his personal website.

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