An Innovative Version of the “fashion show” by Norma Kamali


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Fashion – an extremely tough business for all participants. For example, consumers have to lay out huge (often) money for the opportunity to be “in trend” models – always sit on the perverted diet, and designers to invent than to hook the audience in this new season. Particularly severe headache designer fashion shows provide: to your collection is impressed, and remember, it is often necessary, the head, thoroughly stretch: choose the music, the overall image, decor. Or come up with their own, an innovative version of the “fashion show” , as did the creators of Fashion House Norma Kamali.

       While on one of the hits Fashion Week in New York, all models nervously awaited his exit and corrected makeup, fashion models, fashion shows are involved in Norma Kamali, struck by its tranquility and the surrounding static. But this does not seem surprising, given that long-legged beauty was … cut out of cardboard .

     Actually, there was no need of any fashion show. After all, to show the Norma Kamali collection autumn-winter 2012 found a much more elegant solution: design gizmos showed well, very thin cardboard model – exact copies (but only a higher rate) of its “bulk” counterparts. Each babe has been printed on both sides, so that all the interesting (and there was not enough) to come as close as possible and consider the smallest details of clothing.


So the creative course of the comrades of the Norma Kamali wanted to draw the attention of the spectators, journalists and critics to the new collection, to make it special. Needless to say, the plan paid off: Fashion “installation” instantly came to the most prestigious glossy pages.

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