Private house Plak Residence – Ultra Modern Reconstruction of Rural Houses in Fendorfe (Austria)

PLAK Residence – a unique private residence, designed by experts from the Austrian architectural studio Propeller Z , known to us for publication on the ultra-modern reconstruction of rural houses in Fendorfe (Austria).

   At this time, the sponsors have surprised an unusual architectural design, implemented in Vienna for the life of one family.Despite the ultra-modern design, this small building has a close relationship with the surrounding nature.

 Tiered terraces effectively act against the sky, and especially the relief of the landscape site construction dictated the step, the solution plan of the residence of the console, which, in addition, also provides its residents beautiful panoramic views of the scenic area.

 The ground floor area be given to the social room with a spectacular contrast staircase leading to the zone of bedrooms and office space.

   Mirrored walls reflect the elegant form of the ladder, so that everyone walking on it can enjoy the contemplation of their sculptural, as if being simultaneously inside and outside the structure. White, chosen as a basis and contrasting with wooden flooring and ceilings, expands space at home feeling.

 The upper floors include a sensitive area and modern kitchen, in the daytime richly illuminated with natural light and open a magnificent species of nature.

 Spacious terraces are equipped with sliding glass doors, which open space interiors combine with the surrounding landscape of the house, into the sky and letting in fresh air, and at night, extending the living space to the size of the “cosmos.”


With the creativity of the authors of the project can be found by visiting the official website of the architectural studio

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