Alstom Deconstruccio – a Catalan train at Catalonia in the Spanish


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About the great architect Antonio Gaudi even know who has no clue about the existence of an autonomous province of Catalonia in the Spanish. Nevertheless, it is one of the greatest Catalan, a symbol of national culture. Here is his creation, and became the conceptual basis for the design of new trains for railways in Catalonia.

   Catalonia and its capital Barcelona often appear on the site . For example, we talked about the hostel Barcelona rock Rock , as well as the Barcelona sports center Ecological Center , which wants to build on the site closed down recently bullring. But the most famous building in this city is being built for many decades, Sagrada Familia, Antoni Gaudi authorship.Here is the architecture of the Catalan and inspired designers Guido Dodero and Ruben Oya for the design of trains Alstom Deconstruccio.  The architecture of Antoni Gaudi in the design of Alstom Deconstruccio drawn smooth lines flowing into one another, and mosaic. In all other respects – it is quite a modern means of transportation on the rails, economical, ergonomic, tech.

 In Alstom Deconstruccio will be three types of seats with various ticket prices for them are the usual seats, reclining chairs with tables and chairs for the job. So during a trip on this train everyone can choose a maximum current occupation.
Huge windows trains Alstom Deconstruccio will also serve as an information role. In them, to the authors, the information should be displayed about the trip, schedule, information about the nearest stations.

 That passengers can easily see on which side of the car will exit at the next station, doors will be Alstom Deconstruccio bit highlighted in red and green light (green – the correct side, red – no).

Trains Alstom Deconstruccio will travel from all over Catalonia, Barcelona, ​​playing the role of high-speed trains.

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