D-CAN – A New Farm-Factor Camera


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In recent years, with many of SlashGear has changed dramatically, especially in terms of appearance, form. Became completely unrecognizable compared to the past, computers and telephones. It seems that it is time to change and cameras. D-CAN – is a conceptual representation of how the future will look like the camera.

   In the autumn of 2011 we told you on the site of Lytro Camera – a revolutionary camera that does not focus, because it does not fix the mapping of light arriving on the CCD, and the intensity and vector direction of the rays, as well as the wavelength of light. So the user is already on the computer can determine exactly how the picture will look like.

 But the designer Jean-Michel Bonnemoy created the concept of the camera next to the name of D-CAN. But in it he shows the camera is not new functionality, and their new shape. On representations of Jean-Michel Bonnemoy, the classical form of the current camera has long outlived his own. In the digital age the camera should look like a pipe. This will give it more functionality and ergonomics, it will be more convenient to use.

 Instead, a small front panel D-CAN will have a greater surface area. It can accommodate a lot of buttons to control functions that were previously sheltered in the tabs menu. Flash for the camera can be integrated into the lid of his lens. It is possible to arrange auxiliary lighting, microphone and a light-sensitive elements for automatic capture of moving subjects.

 Batteries and accumulators in the D-CAN will be hidden under the screen. And the very screen you can attach the eyepiece, allowing to increase the clarity of the image, zoom it while shooting, but not after it.

According to Jean-Michel Bonnemoy, a camera of this form will be more convenient to hold in their hands, to manage it. He also takes up less space than the classic form of the camera.

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