Garden furniture Garden Fork Table by designer Natalie Sampson


February 21, 2012MiscellaneousNo comments

How not to do without a rake, working in the garden, so do not do without a table, resting there after work. To avoid stepping on a rake, and do not stumble on the table, designer Natalie Sampson from the UK came up with garden furniture Garden Fork Table . And the table, and a rake – two in one.

 Using the very real rake as a basis, Natalie Sampson pinned him to the table top, made of wood waste that has accumulated in her backyard. Table top can be folded for compactness, and then the table-rakes conveniently stored in a closet or transported from place to place. And when the time comes to barbecue or picnic, it can be expanded by sticking a device with sharp wedges of rakes in the ground – and is ready to Garden Fork Table, a small table for drinks or snacks.


Being a student of the University for the Creative Arts, and receiving a bachelor’s degree, Natalie Sampson lot of experimenting with various household objects, finds them new functions and purposes, as some do, and gives new life. See the work of a beginner, but can be a promising designer at its website.

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