CUB – An Ultra-Compact City Car developed by Cargo Collective


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SUVs and other large cars are good for travel to another city or the countryside. But when someone buys in order to use within the metropolis, it looks weird. To be more logical for the use of compact cars such as CUB (an acronym for Compact Urban Bump Car ), a concept which was developed by Cargo Collective.

   Cargo Collective Company is already known to readers of the site by concept car, an ant , which allows to transport cargo, and having a minimum size and maximum maneuverability. That baby is electric and CUB, created by these guys recently.

 CUB (Compact Urban Bump car) – is the perfect car for trips around town. To this end he created. CUB is designed for two passengers – the driver and his companion (or companion), who used to travel light, without any large-scale things up with a bag or briefcase.

 To take up less space in the parking lot and be able to park even in the smallest available sites, CUB deprived of many external protruding elements, for example, the side mirrors. They replace the internal monitor, which is broadcast images from cameras.

 To exit and go to the electric CUB, you can use the side doors that open up, but you can tilt the door, which is essentially a front part of the body of the car. This is necessary in cases where the machine is clamped on the sides of other cars, walls or other impassable objects.

CUB is not to be afraid of light collisions with other cars – its flanks protected by rubber elements, absorbing shock and scratches in the exclusive “kisses.” That is CUB – this is an ultra-compact electric vehicle for urban travel. He denied every frills – the emphasis it placed on practicality rather than spectacular external data.

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  1. Ayelet says:

    The CUB was not created by Cargo Collective.
    It was created by Industrial designer Ayelet Fishman.
    Cargo collective is only HER online portfolio provider, please get the details correct in your posts.

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