Giraffe Street Lamp : street light, and swings for children by Chen Wei Lu Yanxin


February 21, 2012MiscellaneousNo comments

Many parents joke that would have saved a lot of money for the family budget if their little fidget could be used as an energy source. But while some jokes, others are doing, and the concept of a street lamp Giraffe Street Lamp proves that nothing is impossible.

 The project authors, designers, and Chen Wei Lu Yanxin, have decided that you can easily cover the streets, using people instead of “motors”. So, Giraffe Street Lamp is a handsome street light at the same time – children’s swings. If you are actively using this fun day, by night, the device collects sufficient kinetic energy to charge the lantern, and at night regularly cover the street or yard.


For hedging, the designers have provided the project Giraffe Street Lamp solar panels as an additional source of energy. The result is a device that is not only representative of the environmental technology and uses a “green energy”, but also allows you to combine business with pleasure.

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