The Creative Style New headquarters of Google in Zurich, Switzerland

Google continues to form new bright and creative headquarters around the world. At this time it will be about the work of the office recently launched the world-famous company in Zurich (Switzerland).

     The company’s management and the authors of the project sought to create a space in which staff could feel more comfortable than at home. Looking at the pictures provided, it is impossible to deny that this goal has been achieved by them!

   Located on more than 12,000 square meters, the new flat-Shab designed to raise the level of workflow efficiency and comfortable stay.

 This colorful “Symphony,” provides the most eclectic room, so that the uniform design of the space has not developed a sense for personnel familiar routine and environment, inhibiting creative thinking and high productivity.

   Designed by the architectural studio of the Swiss Camenzind Evolution , in order to inspire, the office gives the impression of an informal club of interest, carefully hidden from public view jobs staff.

   Bold colors and modern materials have played an important role in interior design, allowing sponsors to implement the most daring and unexpected solutions. And the fact that each of the spaces presented a radically different environment shows how loyal attitude of the company to the tastes and preferences of their employees.


With the creativity of the authors of the project can be found by visiting the official website of the architectural studio

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