Original Raincoats by SquidLondon, Color Changing when Wet


February 22, 2012MiscellaneousNo comments

It is unfair, but rainy days, despite their poetic melancholy, not loved by all. As the same: damp, wet, gray. The latter inhibits the first. But the novelty of the British SquidLondon , might be able to draw on the “wet side” more pretty girls. After all, these raincoats, “chameleon” paint in gay colors rich colors, even the storm weekdays.


Development SquidLondon – a raincoat graceful feminine silhouette with interior floral designs. Clothing maintained in strict black and white, looks stylish and rather restrained. But that’s before it reaches the surface it first drops of water: the style remains, but a classic monochrome hues give way to bright, the flowers, which are stained patterns. Easy drying – and the rain returned to its original appearance. The whole point of special inks that respond to fluid. As a change of “color”, look at the video (fun starts at around 1.30).

 Mini collection of raincoats SquidLondon in three models: a short jacket “Antoinette”, an elegant trench “Wildflower” style jacket and “bat”, which is part of the original cut called “Peacock” (“The Peacock”).

 In addition to design and produce slicker SquidLondon umbrellas with a similar “counter” color change.


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