Gloves of the “Dragon Skin” for a Great Warrior, Exotic accessories


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Fantasy is not a half a dozen years, not give up its position in popular culture. With so many books about the magical worlds, and their subsequent adaptations and ageless genre of computer games RPG is not surprising that “rolevikov” is still alive all living things. And the girl in medieval dress, dart out of the public transport, as if nothing had happened – not such a rare bird in our area. But even if you’ve never dreamed of marrying a hobbit, or build a sharp elven ears, you can still borrow something from the wardrobe “fabulous” virgins. For example, unusual Dragon Scale Gloves.

     No, certainly not a giant lizard was not injured in the process of manufacturing such exotic accessories. But look, respectively, claimed glove style: a menacing, violent and unusual. The latter characteristic is suitable for all thing, which can be found in an online “shop” Crystal’s Idyll , haggling various medieval interestingness.

     Genuine master of dragon scales found worthy, and, most importantly, the current replacement – miniature plates of aluminum. So the gloves are nobly shine, ring, and in general resemble little “priglamurenuyu” armor. But it is easy to use: rigid “flakes” are sewn on top of soft and warm gloves without fingers.

   Gloves of the “dragon skin” is available in three styles, different in length. All accessories are made to individual order, so that the desired size you need to specify in advance in a letter to the master. Well, color scales can be chosen independently.


So why for the next hike in the movie for another fantasy film is not to decorate the hands of thematic gloves?

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