Family Chairs: Collection of Chairs by Junya Ishigami


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Managed to come up with, was able to bring to life – try and provide the public what happened. A young Japanese architect and designer Junya Ishigami is able to do it all. So is the presentation of the collection of chairs Chairs Family , which he spent on the Belgian Biennale, held in the form of installation, and was called Picnic.

 It seems to be simple and unremarkable, chairs a series of Family Chairs still have their own flavor. Each chair is his own, because they are calculated for each family member, and are designed with these features. So the “outing” this was a big family in the individual costumes, though made in the same style. Author of the project decked Family Chairs in knitted suits, hats, scarves, do not forget about the shoes is knitted. And you can try to guess what a family member as a chair designed.

     Interestingly, the “stripped” as chair of a series of Family Chairs usually look quite ordinary. And this “feature” is also characteristic of humans. Not all but many. Apparel emphasizes the dignity and hides flaws, makes a person visible, stand out from the crowd. The same thing happened with chairs who gathered for a picnic during a major event as a biennial.


The manufacturer of this family of chairs serves a well known company Living Divani. It also implements some other projects furniture designer. Read all developments on our website Junya Ishigami.

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