Polyforum Galleries Siqueiros – The Ultra-Modern Reconstruction of the galleries in Mexico City

Polyforum Galleries Siqueiros – the ultra-modern reconstruction of the galleries in Mexico City (Mexico) from experts of the Mexican architectural studio BNKR Arquitectura.

   Construction of an art gallery started in 1967. The building and the interior of the object has not been repair work since it opened – in 1971.

 The intervention consisted of a reconstruction of the authors in updating the finishes and remove some outdated elements of his term.

 According to the architects, they got rid of the dark blue carpet, floor served as a decorative and functional material. A worthy replacement to this physically and morally outdated elements of the interior, was the corresponding trends of today’s white epoxy resin.

 Coarse grain structure of the walls was also replaced with a smooth white reflective surface, which became the perfect backdrop for the collective works of modern art. From the ceiling were removed by concentric rings, and only two structural.

 Nontrivial wooden ceilings, benches and stairs were sanded and varnished. A transparent or opaque glass is used as a divisor zoned area, with a view to expanding and focusing on the elements of the exhibition and its visitors.

 Brand new, introduced into the gallery space was part of round table reception, emphasizing the spatial dynamics of the pie, which offers an art gallery go directly to the exhibition, located in the hall.


With the creativity of the authors of the project can be found by visiting the official website of the architectural studio, office is also based in Mexico City http://www.bunkerarquitectura.com/

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