A Conceptual light Breeze of hope in the Style of the Music of Wind


February 23, 2012MiscellaneousNo comments

Thin chime “music of wind”, a fashionable decorative knickknacks from the store of Feng Shui, many consider a harbinger of good luck, good news, and generally associated with a positive and romantic mood. Mindful of this, a group of Chinese designers led by Chen Yan Zhuang and Zhou Li have designed something that is romantic, but with advanced features: a conceptual light Breeze of hope in the style of the music of wind.

   The idea, as well as its embodiment, are extremely simple. Like a jellyfish light, catching the flow of the wind begins to wobble, delicately tinkling, while elaborating that the kinetic energy, which will feed the LED light bulb that is built into the hat. The problem is that only the windy weather will ensure the transformation of decorative Breeze of hope in the light.Otherwise it will just be a pretty trinket in the interior.

Looks very nice, and in the future will be popular, especially as a gift on March 8 for a fragile romantic ladies. How much is real, this concept, we can only speculate.

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