An Innovative Glass Beverage Finger-in by young Taiwanese designer Fanson Meng


February 23, 2012MiscellaneousNo comments

Unusual dishes, innovative glass beverage Finger-in , came up with a young Taiwanese designer Fanson Meng , a student of the University Shih Chien. His project is interesting because it is, in fact, does not a glass, and glass glove for holding drinks. Is it hard to keep the juice with your bare hands?

 A key feature of this dish, its a sweet twist, is that it has built a pen, like a mug. And it was built: it is located inside the cup, and outside we see a deepening of the hole-finger. As in the glove. Inserted his fingers into the glass – took his drink in his hand.


The main idea of ​​a glass of Finger-in glass a la glove is that the author has kept it in the hands of a drink, but not the capacity in which he poured. And when it comes to alcoholic beverages, there is another advantage of the device: if you managed to fasten it on your fingers, it will be difficult dropping out of the hands is difficult, and it’s nice. You can even inadvertently carry a glass with him as amusing souvenir. Meet with other unusual inventions designer Fanson Meng can be at its website.

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